Western Kentucky University to Offer Film Degree Program

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- The Western Kentucky Board of Regents has approved a new degree program in film. The university hopes the the unique degree will attract a broader range of students and increase its international reach.

David Lee, dean of Western Kentucky's Potter College of Arts and Letters, said there is no degree he has been asked about more than the film program.

"This is one that is going to really drive enrollment," Lee told the Daily News in Bowling Green.

The film program will be offered through the school of journalism and broadcasting, which already offers some classes and film production courses. The university hosts a number of film series and film festivals that attract dozens of student productions from nearly every undergraduate major.

University officials expect the new film major to enroll about 50 students by the end of the first year, in part due to attrition from the major in broadcasting.

Steve White, coordinator of the WKU broadcasting program, said that while the broadcasting program numbers might be affected, overall enrollment in the journalism and broadcasting school will increase as a result of the film major.

"We have people show up for film who are not educated on what the difference is between film and video, so initially they will gravitate toward the film track," he said.

The new bachelor's degree in Asian religions and cultures will be offered through the Department of Philosophy and Religion.

The board, which met April 22, also approved a new bachelor of science in organizational leadership; a bachelor's in art history; and a new associate of science program in water resources management, which will be offered through the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Bowling Green Community College.

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