Florida Filmmakers Attempt to Shoot Feature Film in 24 Hours

by Damian McKnight
Florida Filmmakers Attempt to Shoot Feature Film in 24 Hours
Most movies are filmed over the course of days, weeks, or even months. The process is usually laborious and, often times, the cast and crew spend more time sitting around than shooting.

However, one group of Florida filmmakers are hoping to "shake up" the way movies are made. If Lakeland native Blake Hooks, and his co-director, Jason Sanders, can pull it off, they expect to earn recognition from Guinness World Records. Their plan? To film an entire feature length film in 24 hours.

In the tradition of movies whose stories have taken place over the course of a day such as "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Dog Day Afternoon", "Do The Right Thing", and "Training Day", "The Deadlines" takes place in one house over the span of a single night.

Reportedly, the plot involves a young writer's assignment to complete a highly anticipated novel left unfinished by the death of a famous author. As the writer begins work, elements from the horror novel come to life, creating dangers for him and his girlfriend.

"The main reason we decided to attempt the 24-hour thing is because most of us have been on sets where you sit around more than you shoot," Hooks recently told The Ledger. "It becomes aggravating and you become less motivated on the project when you spend an entire day shooting one scene. So we started thinking there had to be a way to do 'guerrilla' filmmaking with quality."

Hooks said his life was changed by a TV production class he took at George Jenkins High School. In 2003, Hooks moved to California after attending college in Tallahassee and studied film production at Los Angeles City College.

After film school, Hooks served in various roles in and around Hollywood. He worked as a casting assistant with an LA casting agency and then later as a camera assistant on tv shows such as "Project Runway", "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency", and "The Dudesons in America". In 2008, Hooks felt like he finally got his big break when he was hired to document the tour of Texas rock band Flyleaf.

Shooting on the 90-minute horror movie "The Deadlines" will both open and wrap on Aug. 8. Filming will take place in in Bakersfield, California.

Follow "The Deadlines" on Facebook or check out the Official Site for more information.

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