Continuing Education in Film

Continuing Education in Film

Continuing education in film is a great way for film professionals to learn new technologies and techniques, as well as develop new skills. In an industry as diverse as film, many wish to learn new skills or venture into another specialty.

The film industry has changed dramatically over the past decade thanks to advances in technology. New camera technology, new editing technology, and computer animations, in addition to countless other advances, have made film an industry that almost requires continuing education.

Several options for a continuing education in film present themselves to adult students. Many colleges and universities offer continuing education in film for adults.

Several film organizations and craftsman's guilds offer workshops, courses, and lectures which are sometimes free of charge.

Examples of continuing education programs related to film include:

  • Animation
  • Audio Engineering
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Special Effects

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