A Primer on Film Studies Programs

A Primer on Film Studies Programs

Do you pride yourself in baffling people at parties with the most obscure film factoids possible? Do you enjoy hour-long debates on the underlying themes and cultural impact of films? If yes, then film theory and film studies programs may provide the ideal forum for your rhetoric and musings, without the side-effect of alienating fellow party-goers.

In many cases, film theory is built into film production, media theory, and philosophy major programs as a course component. As a result, film studies majors bear the perpetual burden of explaining the difference between film studies and film production to everyone who asks about their schooling and to what practical occupation it can be applied.

Why Study Film Theory?

In all seriousness, a structured forum of film critique and analysis can be a powerful tool and prerequisite for later film production studies. Knowing the vocabulary and having a sense of context can help bring ideas into a student film production with heightened clarity, and may be the key to harnessing those elusive kernels of inspiration.

Inversely, film production graduates have a lot to gain by following up their technical education by attending a film theory and film studies program. The ability to communicate the true power and essence of your ideas is integral to your success when working with producers and film crews. Technique, theory, production skills, philosophy, discipline, critical awareness and self-analysis are all necessary components of a powerful creative marriage.

Film theory/film studies programs can be found at many colleges around the world including UC Berkeley and The University of Amsterdam's Graduate School for the Humanities.

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